Wet Paint is the sixteenth episode of Series 1 of Bananas in Pyjamas aired on 10th August 1992.


The bananas are painting a bench on the beach. They put up a wet paint sign and leave while waiting for the paint to dry. Meanwhile, Lulu leads the teddies out for a jog, which Amy and Morgan are not too happy about. When they run past the bench, Amy and Morgan both cannot resist touching the bench to see if the paint really is wet, leaving 2 pawprints behind. The bananas find out and insist the 2 teddies help to repaint the bench, which they are happy to do as they won't have to jog. They go off to get more paintbrushes. Meanwhile, the bananas complain about how people do not think before doing silly things, just as they sit down on the wet bench. They quickly realize their mistake and stand up, only to find that their pyjamas are stained with paint. They realize that they now have to wash their pyjamas.