What does everyone think of my recent contribution to Episode 1 of the Rat in the Hat chronicles Season 3 page?

The Rat in the Hat has been discovered committing semen attacks in crowded alleys not too far from "Rat's Bazaar" in Bananaville.

When he was caught in the act, the Rat in the Hat admitted to getting really excited in close contact with teenage schoolgirls in crowded alleys - especially girls wearing skinny jeans, or knee length floral skirts.

The Rat in the Hat is revealed to have cut holes in the front of his underwear and pants, so that he could increase his chances of getting lucky. He was last seen waddling past the end of the alleyway as fast as his fat limbs could carry his fat body, after a fistful of cum was discovered on a teenage schoolgirl's skirt.

Long live the Rat in the Hat!!! NGGGYYYEEESSSS!!! THE END!!!

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