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Rat is the owner of Rat's shop and a mouse friend to B1 and B2. He is busy, clever, usually greedy, and sometimes bossy. He says his catchphrase "Cheese and whiskers", and usually likes to trick the bananas and the teddies. But also, the bananas try to help him carefully until they make the things right.

The folk tale Banana Splits revealed that Rat once had a daughter named Francesca but she was murdered by B1.


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Rat's original costume appearance.

The original seriesEdit

Rat originally appeared as a purple rat with a pink nose, pink ears, and a pink tail, and wears an orange and yellow cap, an orange vest with yellow teardrops, a yellow bow, big green pants, a green watch, and yellow and white shoes.

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Rat as he appears in the animated series.

The animated seriesEdit

In the animated series, his appearance is arguably changed the most out of all the cast who appeared in the original series. He is now grey instead of purple, has a black nose and slightly shorter whiskers, and now wears new clothes such as a red cap, a cyan shirt with a collar, and blue pants with a belt. His size has also been altered to the size of a usual rat.

Rat's songEdit

Rat sings his own song in the shop when he prepares to run it.

I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a busy, busy rat.

I'm a rat, I'm a rat, I'm a clever, clever rat.


Francesca and Banana SplitsEdit

Strangely, while Rat at least had an antagonist side in most of the Bananas in Pyjamas series, in the 2014 folk tale Banana Splits, Rat is clearly portrayed as a villain who shows no interest in taking good care of his daughter.

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