Pink Mug is the second episode of Bananas in Pyjamas. This marks the debut of all the main characters. 


The pink mug is Morgan's favourite but it is also Amy's favourite mug... When the mug gets broken the "Fix It" Bananas step in.



Amy:(Gasps), I Can't Let Morgan See The Mug

(Amy Later Accidentally Sat On The Mug And Got Hurt)

Morgan:Amy! It's Nearly Lunchtime!

Amy: Yes, I'm Coming

Morgan: And Don't Forget The Pink Mug, Amy! (Laughing).

Amy:What Am I Going To Say!

(Amy Runs Away and The Bananas Make An Appearance And Hums)

B1:Uh, Ooh, Look at That

B2:Someone Would cut Off Their Feet On That, B1!

B1:But it Was Just a Nice Pink Mug B2.

B2:Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking, B1?

B1:I Am, B2

Both: It's Fixing Time!

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1x01 Pink Mug jc200605:56

1x01 Pink Mug jc2006

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